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Company with global presence in development, manufacture and distribution of top quality natural food supplements.


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To be able to register on-line, you have to know the e-mail address or registration number of your Sponsor. (The Sponsor is the person who referred you to Akuna and under whom you are placed in the business.)

If you do not know this information, contact an Akuna office where you may obtain information about purchase and registration by calling our free number 0800 032 4011 or email us at uk@akuna.net . You may also use the e-form.

After reading our Terms of Agreement, select the "I agree" box to confirm your agreement with the general conditions of the contract. The information will be used for the Distributor's Agreement. Required items will be displayed in bold. At the end of the form, please, choose your own password for future entry to the Partner zone.

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General terms and conditions

I. Purpose of the Agreement.

The purpose of this Agreement is to establish the rights and responsibilities of the participating parties in relation to selling and distributing the products of the Company (the “products”).

II.Basis of the Agreement.

1. Based upon this Agreement, the Distributor has the right to purchase the oducts from the Company and sell the products to third parties. The Distributor agrees to sell the products for the prices stated in the publications of the Company, as may be amended from time to time. The Distributor has these rights only while the Agreement is in effect.

2. The Distributor is obliged to continuously check for any updates to the Handbook which may occur from time to time. These updates are always available to read on the Company web site which is at the internet address www.akuna.net. These publicized handbook updates are always contractually binding. In the event of any difference between the written handbook and the publicized updated web site, the updated web site information will always prevail.

3. The Distributor is obligated to sell the products under the conditions of the Country in which he/she is operating.

4. The Distributor becomes an owner of each product bought from the Company at the moment when the product is paid for in full. Upon receipt of products, the Distributor becomes responsible for any damage to the products.

5. By signing this Agreement the Distributor is entitled to purchase products promptly with 30% discount. The Distributor will purchase fast start pack (FSP). This is an automatic registration pack which offers new distributors all the information they need to get their new business venture of the ground and he/she has obtained the right to become a future Manager and receive 40% discount The products can be bought: through certified distributor or manager, through E-shop, through info line.

III. Licence

1. The Distributor agrees to pay one-time administration fee of £ 74.00. Payment of the administration fees entitles the Distributor to receive Company support and actively participate in the Compensation Plan structure.

2. In accordance with the Handbook and this Agreement the Distributor’s performance can entitle him/her to reach the position of  “manager”. The Distributor will have the right, after paying the fee of £ 20.00 in accordance with conditions stated in the Handbook, to be entitled to discounts and shared bonuses for the period of 12 months from the day of fee payment. In order to be able to continue to take advantage of the manager’s rights for the period of an additional 12 months, the Distributors must pay an additional  fee of £ 20.00 within 12 months of the previous payment.

IV. Distributor’s Responsibilities

1. The Distributor shall be an independent contractor and not an agent, employee, partner or franchisee of the Company. As an independent contractor, the Distributor shall be responsible for the declaration and payment of all self-employment income taxes and licensing fees, and for the collection and remittance of all sales taxes that arise in connection with the Distributor’s distribution and sale of the products.

2. The Distributor can use the products for his/her use only, if they so wish.

3. The Distributor acknowledges that only Company Distributors may sell the products.

4. In the case of advertising of the products by the Distributor he/she is bound to follow the marketing strategy of the Company as stated in the Handbook. All expenses connected with such activity are the Distributor’s responsibility.

5. The Distributor agrees not to disclose information regarding the Company’s business and avoid all activities which would tarnish the Company’s good reputation or interests.

6. The Distributor may not own, operate or have a financial interest in more than one Akuna distributorship.

7. When the Distributor achieves the managerial position of NND, IND, VP he/ she agrees, for the effective period of this Agreement, not to become either himself/herself, or through another third party, involved in any activity which would in its essence be identical to the activities specified in this Agreement and which deals with products or services identical to, or interchangeable with,  those of this Company.

8. The Distributor agrees to act with proper care while involved in activities described in the Agreement, follow the marketing strategies of the Company specified in the Handbook and follow the Company’s directives.

9. By signing this Agreement the Distributor acknowledges that he/she has read and agreed to abide by all the terms and conditions as set out in the Handbook and as amended from time to time.

V. Responsibilities of the Company

1. The Company is obliged to supply correct information to the Distributor with regard to the products, and to ensure the Distributor receives all products that he/she orders.

2.The Company must accept all your other rights and rights of your partners.

3.Akuna must  pay the distributor all compensations earned pursuant  to the compensation plan.

VI. Effective Period of the Agreement

1. An Agreement is closed for an unspecified time period.

2.The Agreement shall continue until ended by either party serving on the other not less than one  month written notice expiring on the last day of a calendar month. The new Agreement can be signed after 12 months from the date of received notice.

3.Any Distributor has the right to cancel their Agreement with Akuna. However a written resignation is required including particulars of the breach and it is effective three days after the date of delivery to the Company.

4.The company is entitled to withdraw from this Agreement if the Distirbutor breaks any of the  terms and conditions of the Company. The cancellation notice including particulars of the breach must be in writing and is effective three days after the date of delivery to the Distributors.

VII.Closing Provisions

1. Changes and additions to this Agreement are allowed to be made only in writing and signed by or on behalf of the parties.

2. The Agreement only becomes valid when signed by both parties and effective when registered by the Company.  The Company reserves the right to refuse to register an agreement which is already signed by the Distributor.

3.The Distributor agrees by signing this document that the Company is entitled to revise the handbook periodically according to the Company’s need.

4. Both parties declare that they signed this Agreement voluntarily without any undue influence.

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