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Alveo - inspired by nature

Alveo is an herbal drink containing a refined combination of herbs.

This high quality botanical product belongs to the category of natural health products.
It is manufactured in Canada.

- a superior blend of 24 herbs
- made only from the highest quality botanical extract and free from all chemicals and alcohol.

It is available in two flavours
– the juice from the red grapes helps in the absorption of minerals. It is also pleasant tasting and therefore popular with families.
Alveo MINT – peppermint is renowned for its refreshing taste and it is sugar free. In contrast to Alveo Grape it does not contain honey.

• Brings balance and harmony to the systems within the body
• A complete nutritional supplement containing many of the components missing in our normal everyday diet
• It is a guarantee to strong and long lasting health.
• It is completely safe and without any adverse side effects.
• It saves our bodies from wear and tear.

Guarantee of quality
• Rigorous standardized national testing
• Advisory team of doctors in association with Akuna
• Akuna guarantees the quality of every bottle

The extraction of herbs in Alveo can
• Supports function of the immune system
• Supports the maintenance of a healthy heart
• Supports the digestive system
• Supports the intestinal micro flora and functions of the liver and gall bladder
• Supports vitality, healthy, active lifestyle and wellness
• Maintaining joint flexibility and comfort

• Alveo is a high quality self-care product.
• As a liquid source of botanical ingredients, Alveo is easily absorbed.
• Alveo is highly recommended by Naturopathic practitioners for individuals with high levels of activity.
• Alveo is cholesterol and trans fat free and every batch of production is microbiologically analysed.
• Alveo is manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 9001:2000 certified facility.
Alveo – in Latin it means “To Be Well”
• A joining of Traditional Chinese and modern medicine
• A balanced formulation to meet our needs from today’s demands

Daily Use
It is recommended to take one to two ounces (28–56 ml) daily,
preferably half an hour before a meal.
Alveo is designed to be used daily.


The herbs in Alveo


Inspired by nature